Drums, Confetti And 'Thank Youse': Philadelphia Parties For Trump's Defeat

Nov 7, 2020

Cheers, honking, cowbell and drum sounds and even confetti filled the air in downtown Philadelphia on Saturday as supporters of President-elect Joe Biden poured into the streets with signs reading: "The People Have Spoken," "Thank Youse" and "Philly Says: Donald Trump, You're Fired."

A reliable Democratic stronghold, Philadelphia had gripped the attention of the nation as Pennsylvania became the state that tipped the presidential election in Biden's favor on the fifth day of ballot counting.

"I feel like it's been four years that we've been waiting. ... I think people have a feeling that their voices are finally being heard after all this time," said Shayne Rasay, standing on the sidelines of a procession down Broad Street.

People pumped fists in the air and erupted in sporadic cheer. Someone dressed as a unicorn doled out loud affirmations. A tour bus driver leaned on the horn in the background. Flag-waving passengers popped out of sunroofs in passing cars.

People cheer Saturday outside Philadelphia's convention center, where officials had set up a ballot-counting venue.
Rebecca Blackwell / AP

"I have really high hopes that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their administration can bring the country together," Rasay said. "That's a tall order for any incoming president, but I feel that with their leadership we can unite ... and move on."

For days, pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators gathered in front of Philadelphia's massive ballot-counting venue at the city's convention center. On Saturday, President Trump's supporters continued to wave flags and stand in solidarity with the president, saying they have not accepted the call that Biden won the election.

President Trump's supporters demonstrate Saturday outside the convention center in Philadelphia.
Rebecca Blackwell / AP

"They told us Biden was going to win in a landslide. They're just trying to demoralize us," said Andi, who held a sign in support of Trump. She asked to use only her first name for fear of retaliation from her colleagues and bosses.

"I'm here because I support transparency," she said. "I'm watching for the recount. I'm watching this going through the court. ... This has to be a legal and civil process, and I'm confident America can do it."

Across the street — and across several lines of barriers separating them — a raucous celebratory rally ballooned by the hour.

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