Early Voting In Indiana Begins Tuesday, Oct. 6

Oct 5, 2020



Both the Elkhart County and St. Joseph County Boards of Elections are prepared to meet voters safely when early voting begins on Tuesday.

Distancing, masking, and equipment sanitization are all par for the course. Some provisions, though, are a little more unorthodox. 

“When they go to the equipment, the voter’s given a cotton swab to use on the touch screen instead of touching it with their finger,” said Carol Smith, Elkhart County's chief deputy of elections.


She said that she expects to see more voters than normal this year.   


“We’re seeing a lot of early voting per mail, that’s voters that haven’t voted for a number of years," Smith said. "So we think because of that trend, that there will be a higher turnout than normal.”


Smith also asked voters to have patience with each other and with their elections workers this election season.


"Everybody has their difference of opinion in regard to COVID and how they're going to vote, so we are hoping that voters can be mature in their behavior and considerate to others," Smith said.


Early voting will run until noon on Monday, Nov. 2. For information about where you can go to vote early, visit your county’s Board of Elections website.


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