Elkhart Co. Health Dept. Meeting Ends When 50 Unmasked People Show Up

Sep 25, 2020


The Elkhart County Health Board has rescheduled its meeting that abruptly ended this week for Sept. 29. The meeting will take place virtually at 7pm. A link will be available to the public on the Elkhart County website. 


The Elkhart County Health Department is expected to announce today when it will reschedule a meeting that ended abruptly Thursday when roughly 50 people without masks crowded into the relatively small meeting room where the meeting was supposed to take place.

According to the public relations official releasing information on behalf of the department, that made it impossible to conduct business in a safe environment. That spokesperson says that health department board members, several of whom are physicians who see patients with compromised immune systems every day, could not responsibly enter the room.

WVPE has learned that the board meeting is expected to be rescheduled as a digital meeting via Zoom or WebX next week. Public comment will still be part of the digital meeting.