Elkhart Co. Health Dept. Update On COVID-19 As County Remains In "Red"

Dec 14, 2020

Today the Elkhart County Health Department issued an update on the county's COVID-19 status. 

(You can read the release below.) 

Elkhart County is seeing a slight decrease in the number of Covid cases over the past few weeks. This should translate into fewer hospitalizations in another week or two. We still have quite a ways to go, but this is a great start. We all need to distance, use hand hygiene often, and wear a mask. That is what is bringing down the case rate now, and that will keep it moving in the right direction.

The first 12 days of December saw 31 Covid-19 deaths in Elkhart County. At almost 3/day, that number is astounding, and continues the same pace as we saw in November, which saw 91 deaths. We need to do all we can to protect the lives of our neighbors, families, and ourselves.

Here is more indications of how things have been in Elkhart County over the past 30 days, with the information coming from the Regenstrief Institute in Indianapolis:

El condado de Elkhart está experimentando una ligera disminución en el número de casos de Covid durante las últimas semanas. 

Esto debería traducirse en menos hospitalizaciones en una semana o dos.

Todavía nos queda mucho camino por recorrer, pero este es un gran comienzo.

Todos necesitamos distanciarnos, usar la higiene de manos con frecuencia y usar una máscara. Eso es lo que está reduciendo la tasa de casos ahora, y eso lo mantendrá moviéndose en la dirección correcta.

Los primeros 12 días de diciembre se vieron 31 muertes por Covid-19 en el condado de Elkhart.

A casi 3 /días, ese número es asombroso y continúa al mismo ritmo que vimos en noviembre, que registró 91 muertes. Necesitamos hacer todo lo posible para proteger la vida de nuestros vecinos, familias y nosotros mismos.

Aquí hay más indicaciones de cómo han estado las cosas en el condado de Elkhart durante los últimos 30 días, con la información proveniente del Instituto Regenstrief en Indianápolis:

Also Monday, Goshen Health provided an update on the COVID-19 situation at Goshen Hospital. 

(You can read that release below.) 

The number of patients on the COVID-19 unit of Goshen Hospital is currently at 33. Consistent with the governor’s order, all elective non-urgent surgeries will be canceled from Dec. 16 to Jan. 3. If you have a procedure scheduled at Goshen Hospital during this time period, you may be contacted about rescheduling.

“I appreciate everyone of you who is taking COVID-19 seriously and doing your part by wearing a mask when outside your household ‘bubble’,” said Dr. Dan Nafziger, Goshen Hospital Chief Medical Officer and Infectious Disease Specialist. “Wearing a mask shows you care about your health and your neighbor. I am particularly appreciative of our elected officials who have made good choices to protect the health of our community. We continue to receive universally positive messages of support from the children in our schools. It brings me joy when children model the best of what it means to be human.”

Below is COVID-19 activity for Goshen Health as of December 14, going back to March 11.

24,170 tests completed
4,002 positive test results (overall positivity rate of 16.9%)
19,724 negative test results
245 outstanding test results

635 hospital admissions
601 hospital discharges
67 confirmed COVID-19 positive related mortalities

These numbers are updated daily Monday to Friday at GoshenHealth.com.