Elkhart County Moves Forward with Courts Consolidation

Feb 25, 2020


Credit Pixabay

Elkhart County is moving forward in the planning process to consolidate County Courts into one location.


The plan is to eliminate the Elkhart and Goshen courthouses and instead  have all the County’s courts in one space.

“Both buildings are old," County Commissioner Mike Yoder said. "And especially the building in Elkhart has become a maintenance dollar blackhole, it’s not a good work environment for our employees, and there’s no way to meet current Indiana Supreme Court guidelines for security.”

Yoder said the courthouse in Elkhart will be torn down, the Goshen Courthouse will be repurposed.

He said the consolidation plan will save the county money overall. Both Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson and Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman have said that they are concerned about moving the courts. 

Yoder said next the county is working to choose between several locations for the new building. Whatever site is chosen Yoder said they'll make sure it is on public transportation routes. An ongoing study is working with judges and other courts employees to design the space inside and out.

The new court is expected to cost between $80 million and $85 million and be finished around 2024.