Elkhart County Residents Gather To Show Pride In Where They Live

Jan 22, 2020

Vibrant Communities Co-Chairs Arvis Dawson and Suzie Weirick address Elkhart County residents.
Credit Annacaroline Caruso/ WVPE News

Elkhart County residents gathered at the Lerner Theatre Wednesday night for something called “The Big Event.” It was a chance for people to show their pride in Elkhart .

The Vibrant Communities Organization hosted the event. It’s an initiative that aims to highlight all the good things about Elkhart County and continue to make improvements.

Vibrant Communities revealed a new brand for the county. It’s called “Well Crafted.”

Co-Chair Suzie Weirick explained what that means.

“We are well-crafted. We do things well. We work hard. We have a great work ethic and we make some fantastic things.”

She said that goes beyond the RV’s and musical instruments.

“The whole county has come together and taken down the walls in between our cities and really work together and it’s been wonderful and fantastic."

Weirick hopes the new brand and celebrations like this one help residents feel proud of where they live.

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