Fetal Remains Disposal Bill Advances Easily To House

Feb 7, 2020

Sen. Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne) emphasizes this year's fetal remains disposal bill imposes no new requirements on women.
Credit Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

The Senate easily sent legislation to the House that builds on a 2016 anti-abortion law dealing with fetal remains.

That law – which only took effect last year after the U.S. Supreme Court OK'd it – requires health care facilities to bury or cremate fetal remains.

This year’s legislation lays out the process for those facilities, including forms developed by the State Department of Health.

It also makes clear that a woman who completes her medication-induced abortion at home could bring the result of that back into a health care facility, says Sen. Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne).

“Who makes that decision? Even after she’s aborted her baby, the woman makes that decision,” Brown says.

Sen. Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis) broadly opposes further regulations on abortion providers.

“There are fewer and fewer facilities, necessitating a women travel farther and farther in order to receive these services,” Breaux says.

The bill will likely pass the House.

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