Flint's Shady Acres, or what's left of it, will soon be gone

Jun 16, 2019
Originally published on June 17, 2019 9:37 am

Demolition work will soon begin at a long-abandoned trailer park in Flint.

Shady Acres closed in 2015.  But the 20-acre park is overgrown, and overwhelmed with trash and rotting mobile homes.

Michele Wildman is the director of the Genesee County Land Bank. She says a lot of work has gone into preparing to clean up acres of blight.

“What makes it complex though is just the size,” says Wildman, “and many of these sites over the years have been used for different things so we have to really make sure we understand the history and addressing all environmental issues.”

Demolition and cleanup will begin next month and should be complete by the fall. 

The Genesee County Land Bank is spending nearly $400,000 to clean up the site.   

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