Fourth Graders Show Teachers How To Launch Weather Balloon

Aug 1, 2019

Students prepare the weather balloon for launch.
Credit Annacaroline Caruso

Fourth graders from the Concord school district launched a weather balloon Wednesday morning so teachers in other districts can recreate the same experiment in their classrooms. 

Students learned about the atmosphere, weather patterns, and math for three months in preparation for the launch.

They explained the steps as they were getting the balloon ready for take off.

Ryan Wallick is a teacher at Concord East Side Elementary School and helped guide his students through the launch. He said he hopes other teachers will see the importance of interactive projects like this.

“The goal is to get teachers to see that kids can do this. Sometimes we think ‘Well kids can’t do that. It’s an adult thing’ so we really hope our kids learn that they are powerful and they can control their lives,” Wallick said.

The students boarded a bus shortly after the launch to track and hopefully retrieve the balloon.

Wallick said he predicts the balloon will land a little west of Plymouth but balloons from previous experiments have typically gone past where they thought. Some have even made it to Canada.

The South Bend Community School Corporation superintendent Todd Cummings said some district schools will be doing this with their students next year.