Goshen College Student-Athlete Responds To Athletics Pause

Oct 14, 2020

Credit Photo courtesy of Goshen College

Wesley Beck went into the fall athletic season knowing that it wouldn’t be normal.

“I think if other people went in with the same kind of understanding that things could be very different, then I think they shouldn’t really have been too surprised," Beck said.


On Tuesday, Oct. 13, Goshen College announced that it would pause athletics for at least a week, following a rise in COVID-19 cases on campus.

Beck plays tennis for Goshen College, and said that student-athletes have largely been in support of the decision, which came after the school’s COVID-19 cases started to rise last weekend. 

“Really, the biggest opposition is going to be from people who are in season now," Beck said. "And that’s completely understandable.”


Sporting events scheduled for this week, including women's volleyball at Indiana Wesleyan, men's soccer at Saint Francis and men's soccer at Bethel, will be rescheduled when athletics restart. 

Beck is also one of three students on the school’s pandemic task force. He hopes that by pausing athletics and controlling cases now, the school can ultimately prolong the fall season. 

“Keeping the larger goal in mind, which is, you know, safety of students, I think it is the right decision, [to] make sure everything is okay, that it's under control, and then we can always resume that later,” Beck said.

Goshen College will decide whether to restart athletics on Monday, Oct. 19.

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