Goshen Middle School Adding Bicycle Class This Fall

Jul 11, 2018


This fall some middle schoolers in Goshen will be using bicycles to learn work ethic, problem solving and STEM concepts in a new program.

The program is meant for kids who don’t do well in traditional classrooms. Kids that need a more hands on approach.

Goshen Middle School has partnered with the Chain Reaction Bicycle Program. A bike repair and sales non-profit that focuses on promoting bicycling particularly to those in lower income brackets.

Assistant Superintendent Steve Hope said they think the skills learned in the class will help the students in high school and beyond.

“These are skills that can be transferred anywhere. These could be transferred to academic work. These could be transferred to any workplace or any college or technical school setting.”

Students will spend part of the day doing tradition classes online, they will still participate in the usual electives like art and gym and will spend the rest of the day learning how to maintain and repair bicycles.

It will be a mixed class of 15 to 20 6th, 7th and 8th graders.