Hate Crimes Bill Advocates Urge More Comprehensive Measure

Apr 1, 2019

Hate crimes legislation advocates say Gov. Eric Holcomb should veto a current bias crimes bill if lawmakers don’t make it more comprehensive.

Groups pushing for the law gathered at the Statehouse Monday.

The current hate crimes language includes a list of victim characteristics but leaves off sex, age, and gender identity. Women4Change Indiana executive director Rima Shahid says leaving out sex and gender is particularly harmful.

“As most crimes against women – including rape, sexual assault and domestic violence – are motivated by deeply-entrenched misogyny and should be considered a hate crime,” Shahid says.

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GOP legislative leaders argue their language is comprehensive and exceeds hate crimes laws in other states. Sen. Ron Alting (R-Lafayette) says he, then, doesn’t understand resistance to including sex, age, and gender identity.

“If your bill’s so great, what’s wrong with adding a couple words, right?” Alting says.

The Senate could send the hate crimes bill to the governor as early as this week.