Health Department Reviewing Judges Recommendation On Abortion Clinic In South Bend

Sep 18, 2018


The Indiana Department of Health is reviewing a order from a judge that recommends a proposed abortion clinic in South Bend be licensed.


The clinic would offer medication abortions to women up to 10 weeks pregnant. Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, the company planning to open the clinic, applied for a license last October. They were denied by the state health department for not disclosing some information about the company’s other clinics.

An Indianapolis judge ruled Whole Woman’s Health Alliance had provided all the necessary information, and that the health department hadn’t provided a legitimate reason for the denial.

The judge recommended that the clinic be issued a license. Amy Hagstom Miller is the CEO of Whole Woman’s Health Alliance.

“There’s not really a basis, and the judge agreed, there’s not really a basis for them to have denied us this license. So it feels a lot like they’re just sort of stringing us along and really trying to block our ability to open and be of service to the women in the community.”

The health department has until October second to object to the order. If they do not, the clinic will be issued a license. If they do, the matter will be decided by a three person panel appointed by the health department.

The Indiana State Department of Health says it is reviewing the order and had no further comment.