Holcomb Happy to Take Time with Agenda

Dec 14, 2016

Governor-elect Eric Holcomb laid out the basic framework of his legislative agenda at the annual Bingham Greenbaum Doll Legislative Conference. But he offered few specifics and says he doesn’t want to rush them.

Holcomb’s speech to the conference sounded much like his campaign stump speech. Stated priorities include a data-driven infrastructure plan, expanding pre-k, and addressing the drug epidemic.

On infrastructure, Holcomb got a little more specific than in the past: he wants a plan that goes out 20 years, and he wants to invest in what he calls “transformational projects.”

“The new fourth port in Lawrenceburg, truly making [U.S. Route] 31 a freeway (interstate-quality), completing I-69,” Holcomb says.

Holcomb notes he’s not worried about waiting until early January to fully flesh out the details of his agenda.

“Having talked to governors all around the country, successful as they are, they emphasized the point to get it right – don’t rush anything if you don’t have to,” Holcomb says.

Holcomb will unveil his full legislative agenda January 5th, just after the General Assembly convenes.