Hot and Stormy Weather in Michiana

May 29, 2018


Radar shows Subtropical Depression Alberto on Tuesday Afternoon. Weather along the edges is expected to hit Michiana on Tuesday night and into Wednesday
Credit The National Weather Service

Temperatures this weekend into Tuesday topped 90. Some storms Tuesday night and into Wednesday are expected to cool Michiana down.

It’s not usually this warm in late May.

Megan Dodson is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. She said the recent heat wave is out of the ordinary.

“Our normal highs are in the upper 70s. So you with Thursday and, I mean, with even today we’re up, at our office here we’re up at 89 right now and then Thursday we’re expected to get around 89 again. So it’s going to be pretty abnormal for this time of year.”

Sub-tropical depression Alberto is expected to make its way up to Michiana and cause storms Tuesday evening and into Wednesday. Bringing up to three quarters of an inch of rain and some gusty winds.


Dodson said the storm could carry other storms with it.


“There could be some embedded thunderstorms in that. You could see some gusty winds and heavy rain is definitely going to be a concern just because it’s a tropical system so there’s a lot of moisture.”

Temps will be lower Wednesday but are expected to rise back into the upper 80s on Thursday. Before falling into a more ordinary upper 70s over the weekend.