Indiana EMS is Underfunded and Under Stress

Aug 17, 2021

Credit Jonnica Hill / Unsplash

The work done by emergency medical paramedics and technicians has evolved dramatically in recent years. But the resources that go towards EMS in Indiana, like many states across the country, have not kept up with those changes.

Today we talk about the unhealthy state of emergency medical services, especially after a record year for 911 calls, and find out what could be done to get medical workers the support they need.

You can see recent reporting on this from Side Effects Public Media right here.

Produced by Drew Daudelin.


Tim Putnam
CEO, Margaret Mary Community Hospital; Past President, Indiana Rural Health Association and National Rural Health Association

Dr. Michael Kaufmann
EMS Medical Director, Indiana Department of Homeland Security

Gary Miller
Executive Director, Indiana Emergency Medical Services Association

Nate Metz
President, Indiana Emergency Medical Services Association