Indiana University Joins National Opioid Epidemic Network

May 1, 2019

Indiana University joins a group of more than 100 organizations dedicated addressing opioid misuse to share research and data with the National Academy of Medicine. 

IU's Responding to the Addictions Crisis Grand Challenge has launched more than 30 research projects focused on many angles of the epidemic. IU School of Nursing Dean Robin Newhouse is a lead investigator on the challenge. 

"We've said right from the beginning that this was an addiction crisis that’s complex and we need to integrate discoveries across inter-professional domains," says Newhouse. 

The National Academy of Medicine announced IU will join other academic, health systems and nonprofit organizations to share research, information and success as part of a collaborative network. 

Newhouse says IU is in a good position to help. 

"I think through this network the sky is the limit of collaboration," says Newhouse. "There is a healthy urgent desire to solve these problems together and they are sticky problems."

IU has created five focus areas of response that include data collection, education, policy implementation, research and community development.