"It's Been A Minute" Comes To WVPE News2

Jun 27, 2018

Saturdays at 5 PM on WVPE News2

Sam Sanders
Credit Corey Seeholzer/NPR

'It's been a minute' is another way of saying 'let's catch up.' Host Sam Sanders does just that every week with two guests in a conversation about news, culture, and everything. Not just what happened each week, but how it felt. Plus, deep dives — conversations with one guest, or on one topic. The world is complicated and people are, too — and sometimes you just need to talk it out.

Launched as a twice a week podcast in 2017, this is now a weekly hour-long radio program with 4 key segments.

1. Sam talks with several journalists about the news that most affected them in the week that just was;

2. Sam talks with a newsmaker with an in-depth interview giving listeners a chance to know them better;

3. Sam talks with a program listener explaining who explains what events they will be going to in the next week;

4. Sam plays and reacts to a montage of what many listeners record and send in describing the best thing that happened to them in the past week.

A radio program that sounds more like having coffee with friends than a radio show.