It's Raining, no major flooding predicted

May 14, 2018


Showers and thunderstorms dumped rain across Michiana this weekend and still are today.

Experts say the area might see some flooding but nothing like February.


Michiana has seen several inches of rain in the last couple days with more on the way this evening.

Sam Lashley is a senior meteorologist with the national weather service. He says so far flooding has been minor.

“Fortunately this rain has been able to be absorbed by the ground since we’ve been relatively dry here recently but more rain could lead to problems especially on the smaller creeks and streams and we’re also monitoring the rivers for possible rises there.”

Lashley says there is potential for some damage tonight with higher winds and possibly some hail in the forecast.

He says people should be careful around rain and storms. If there’s lightning it’s best to be indoors or inside a vehicle. And don’t try to drive or walk through any flood waters.