LimeBike end of year data show business is good

Dec 21, 2017


A LimeBike sits outside The Morris Performing Arts Center in South Bend.
Credit Jennifer Weingart

The bike-share company LimeBike has released end-of-year data that show the company’s first six months in South Bend have been successful.

LimeBike is a dockless bike share that started operating in South Bend over the summer. In that time 27 thousand riders have covered 85 thousand miles on the green bikes.  

Jason Wilde launched the market for LimeBike in South Bend. He said the city compares favorably to other bigger markets.

“It’s right up there in terms of trips per bike as some of our other larger markets as well as some other larger dock-based markets like Indianapolis. Considering it’s a fifth or sometimes even smaller the size of some of these larger cities and it’s stacking up side by side with them, that bodes very well for South Bend.”

The data suggest that most people are using LimeBike to travel to and from public transport stations and stops. Wilde said this means the bikes are solving ‘last mile’ transportations issues.

He said moving forward, LimeBike’s biggest challenge in the city is figuring out the correct number of bikes to serve the community without creating redundancies.