Local Students Head Back To School

Aug 14, 2018


Many schools in Northern Indiana start this week. Students will see some changes in a few local districts this year.

After Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb made handheld metal detectors available to schools, many students in the area will see those this year.

Students at South Bend Schools will see new start times, 8 a.m. for elementary and 9 a.m. for middle and high schoolers.

“Research has shown that a little bit later start times are beneficial to our students,” said South Bend Community Schools spokesperson George Jones.

The start times also mean the district needs fewer bus drivers. Jones said other major changes at South Bend schools are about safety. He said several building now have new or different student entrances.

New this year in Elkhart is online registration for all students. Students at Memorial and Central will also see big changes in scheduling this year, both schools are switching to block scheduling. Students will have eight classes each week.

Both school districts have technology upgrades with most students at South Bend getting ChromeBooks this year, and Elkhart high schoolers getting iPads.