Locals With Sewing Machines Helping To Fill Face Mask Shortage

Mar 26, 2020

Patti Pierson made these facemasks to help fill a shortage of PPE.
Credit Patti Pierson

Healthcare workers and first responders across the U.S. are dealing with face mask and gown shortages. Several locals armed with sewing machines are taking matters into their own hands.

PPE, or personal protective equipment, like face masks and gowns, can protect health workers from exposure to the novel coronavirus. But there’s currently a shortage.


People across Michiana are sewing face masks out of fabric to help fill the need. 


Patti Pierson owns The Pink Sheep in LaPorte. She said she’s made and donated close to 250 face masks.


“This is a huge battle that they’re fighting. They’re pretty much on their own and they’re the ones that take care of us when we need it so we should take care of them when they need it.”


She has donated masks to the post office, fire departments, and hospitals. 


Pierson said homemade masks are not ideal, but they’re better than no mask.


Several other people and businesses across Michiana are also pitching in to make face masks.