Michiana Chronicles: Birthdays, Snow Leopards, And Dog Groomers

Feb 13, 2020

Have you ever had synchronistic experiences that made you pause and examine life a bit more closely? I recently had several that reminded me of life’s interconnectedness.

As I walked to the restaurant for my father-in-law’s birthday dinner the other night, I noticed a glistening sign in one of the storefronts that read ‘Mark Fischer.’ Now, this may not seem remarkable in itself, but that moniker belonged to my most beloved uncle who had passed away a few years ago. I made a mental note to tell my mom later that evening (as Mark was her brother). However, before I had a chance to reach out to her, my mom sent me a message that night to remind me that it was my uncle’s birthday that day. I was amazed that my uncle found a way to ‘wink’ at me on his birthday. Synchronicity!  

That same night, I learned that my son was awarded a Gold Key from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards organization for a poem he submitted entitled Leopard of Snow. Glancing out the window, I saw the first flakes of the season falling. Synchronicity!

The very next morning, I was contemplating scheduling our dog with the new grooming salon I had discovered the night before on my walk to the restaurant. While perusing social media I noticed a friend had posted a photo of her dog. On a whim, I sent her a message to ask her what groomer she used. Would you believe that she takes her dog to the very shop I saw the previous night – synchronicity! (This coincidence confirmed for me that I should schedule the appointment!)

Credit Heather Miller Moriconi

A fourth event occurred minutes later. While I was on the phone with the new groomer, my attention was drawn to the drone of our television in the next room. There was a nature program on that was showcasing…wait for it…snow leopards! Now, really, what are the chances of this happening the day after my son’s poem on that very topic was given an award?! Synchronicity! From the nature program, I learned that there are only 6,900 snow leopards left in the wild today which made me consider what I can do to help preserve the natural world before it is too late. Were the synchronistic events of the past two days the nudge I needed to wake me up to take action and make a difference?

When trying to find the meaning or purpose behind synchronistic events or happenings, it can be frustrating because you are not likely to receive affirmation that you are ‘on the right track’ with the meaning you assign to a particular coincidence. It is fun to try to ‘connect the dots’ though! I choose to believe that signs are important and worth a pause for contemplation.

I have asked my friends and family if they experience such synchronistic happenings and most say it has happened to them. A keen awareness of everyday life and the phenomena encountered daily leads one to take note of and realize these “too coincidental to be coincidences” really can reveal the joy and mystery of the interconnectedness between all things.

So, what did I learn from the synchronistic happenings I experienced around birthdays, snow leopards, and dog groomers?  Celebrate life, family, and important milestones and remember them fondly when they are no longer with us. Appreciate nature and take action to help preserve the natural world for the next generation. And, finally, delight in the synchronicity of life and embrace the mysteries as a source of comfort as they often make the invisible web of life visible.

Music: "Synchronicity" by the Police