Michiana Stories: Hannah Fischer And Chloé Ilene

Jul 2, 2018

Hannah Fischer lifting Chloe Ilene in a performance of "Take Me With You"
Credit Grant Beachy

On this episode of Michiana Stories, Hannah Fischer, founding director of Fischer Dance, speaks with Chloé Ilene, rising director of New Industry Dance, about the rebranding of the company. The conversation was recorded on location at Fischer Dance.

Below is information from a Fischer Dance press release from June 26, 2018.

Fischer Dance bids farewell to founding director Hannah Fischer, announces a new name, and ushers in a new era of contemporary dance in South Bend, Ind.

New Industry Dance launches July 27, 2018. The new company is steered by rising director Chloe Ilene and a team of artists. All current company dancers are returning to perform and build the new aesthetic: Anna Greenawalt, Joanna Whitmyer, Sharon Sims, Maia Sutter, Mallory McAfee, Nick Dolezal, and company composer Patrick Quigley.

Notable projects by Fischer Dance over the last four years include Works in Progress (2016), Mercy/Shelter (2016), Holding Space (2018), and Movement Lab (2014-2018). Founding director Hannah Fischer is relocating to Salt Lake City for graduate school. Fischer and Ilene have danced together for the last three years and are working closely to structure the next season and develop the future of New Industry Dance.

The company’s flagship program, Movement Lab, a research vehicle for developing work, will continue in October 2018, as will many of the distinctive qualities of the original company. Fischer Dance is known for its work revitalizing underused spaces in South Bend, developing intimate and complex relationships on stage, and inviting audiences on an emotional journey through evening-length performances.

Over the last four years, Fischer has developed a tight-knit group of dancers moving together with power and tenderness in a wide array of industrial spaces around South Bend. The company has collaborated with digital artists, cinematographers, composers, lighting designers, costume designers, and playwrights. Ilene plans to continue the lush and theatrical movement aesthetic, and to include more voices in the collaborative process. 

Since 2014, Fischer has produced over 40 public performances in South Bend, performing in many of them herself. In 2017, she was one of two South Bend artists to receive an Individual Artist Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission. New Industry Dance is born into an artistic heritage of rich collaboration, community dialogue, and inquiry-based creative practice.

New Industry Dance announces its new season on July 27th, 8-10 PM at Potawatomi Conservatories. The company will reveal its new aesthetic, vision, and season dates. Tickets for the Launch Party are open to the public and available now at FischerDance.org or through Eventbrite.


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