Michiana weather will be heavy on snow, or rain

Dec 6, 2017


Michiana is likely to see a lot of precipitation this winter, but whether it’s in the form of rain or snow is still up in the air.

Forecasts are calling for snow showers Wednesday and Thursday. Meteorologist says this could be the first snowfall of a snowy winter but if the winds change the season could be rainy instead.

Kyle Brown is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Northern Indiana.  “If we’re able to remain in a cold pattern, like we’re about to enter here, where we’re able to tap into this cold air from Canada, well that’s when this precipitation would be snow. But if it turns out that we break out of this pattern and we’re able to tap into some moisture from the Gulf, that’s when we could start to see more rain.”

Brown said a La Niña weather pattern creates stormy conditions in the northern United States, so there will be more precipitation. He says it’s just a wait and see on whether it will be wet, or white.