Michigan A.G. Warns Of Coronavirus Scams

Feb 26, 2020

One of the first cases of the new coronavirus in Hong Kong was found at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong. Health workers in the city fear an influx of patients.
Credit Vernon Yuen for NPR

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and the State Department of Health and Human Services are warning people to watch out for scams related to the coronavirus.

None have been reported in Michigan yet, but the Attorney General’s Office hopes a pre-emptive warning will blunt the impact of any scams.

Spokesman Ryan Jarvi says scams come in many forms. He says they feed off of fear of the coronavirus by seeming to offer prevention tips or cures:

“So they might be promoting awareness of the coronavirus or prevention tips. And some phony information about cases in neighborhood that might appear to be close by yours,” Jarvi says.

Despite claims by scammers, no cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in Michigan.

The Federal Trade Commission says people shouldn't click on links from unfamiliar sources, avoid online offers of vaccines, and be wary of emails claiming to be from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.