Michigan Governor To Visit Benton Harbor Vaccination Site As Cases Spike Statewide

Mar 26, 2021

Governor Whitmer is visiting a COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Benton Harbor to observe ongoing vaccination efforts and ensure that the safe and effective vaccines are being efficiently and equitably distributed.  

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, (D) Michigan
Credit Photo provided by the State of Michigan

Michigan, which not long ago had among the country’s lowest COVID-19 infection rates, is confronting an alarming spike that some public health experts worry could be a harbinger nationally. The resurgence is being fueled by loosened restrictions, a more infectious variant and pandemic fatigue. While rising vaccination rates provide protection for seniors, the upswing is boosting hospitalizations among younger adults and threatening in-person instruction at schools. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says it's a “stark reminder that this virus is still very real.” But she doesn't plan to tighten restrictions on indoor dining and sports that were eased in recent months.