Michigan joins other states to challenge proposed change to EPA carbon dioxide rule

Aug 13, 2019

Michigan is joining nearly two dozen other states and several cities suing the Trump Administration over its decision to relax rules on fossil fuels fueled power plants emissions.

The Environmental Protection Agency under President Donald Trump is rolling back emission limits put into place under the Obama administration.  

The lawsuit filed this week argues the EPA had no basis for weakening the regulation that set the first-ever national limits on carbon dioxide pollution from power plants.

Under the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, states were required to implement plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2022.

The new rule does not cap greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, it leaves it up to the states to decide whether to reduce emissions.

Michigan Attorney Dana Nessel accuses the Trump administration of having a “blatant disregard…for science” and the threat presented by climate change. Former Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, Nessel's predecessor, joined other AG's to challenge the original regulation.  

Whatever the future of federal regulations, Michigan utilities have been reducing their reliance on carbon dioxide producing fossil fuels. 

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