Michigan Parks & Rec Areas See Surge In Visitors, One Is Closed For Social Distancing

Mar 31, 2020

Tippy Dam in Michigan
Credit https://www.michigan.org/property/tippy-dam-recreation-area

The Michigan State Emergency Operations Center has announced that a popular Michigan State Recreation Area is closing as visitors have surged  there during the 'stay-at-home' orders.

Here is more regarding the closure of Tippy Dam:

Due to a surge in visitors at state parks over the last two weeks – including at Tippy Dam Recreation Area in Manistee County – DNR staff has observed many instances of improper social distancing (not keeping at least 6 feet between individuals) and visitors traveling long distances to visit these outdoor spaces.

Tippy Dam has seen a drastic increase in visitors, including people from all areas of the state. This type of nonessential travel could unintentionally increase the spread of COVID-19. To protect visitors, staff and nearby communities, the DNR has closed Tippy Dam Recreation Area, effective immediately, until further notice.

For now, all other state parks and recreation areas, trails and boating access sites remain open to help provide local opportunities to get outdoors; however, social distancing practices must be adhered to in order to keep these state-managed lands open.

"The concern is twofold: residents traveling long distances and unintentionally spreading COVID-19 and visitors congregating too closely," said Ron Olson, chief of the DNR Parks and Recreation Division. "In order to continue to keep state parks open, we urge everyone to follow effective social distancing practices, including only visiting state parks locally and avoiding high-traffic areas within parks."