Michigan's Change In Absentee Voting May Change Campaigning By Candidates

Dec 27, 2019

Voting signs outside Benton Harbor's 4th Ward where city residents are voting in municipal elections Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019
Credit Jennifer Weingart/WVPE

Experts say a change in Michigan’s election law could bring a big change to how candidates campaign in the state.

It’s now okay in Michigan to vote using an absentee ballot without having to give any particular reason for doing so.

That means voters could be casting ballots many weeks ahead of Election



Political analysts say candidates will respond by reaching out to prospective

voters far earlier than they have in the past.



State officials say the new, no-reason, absentee voting may not have much

effect next year, because there is a presidential election on the ballot and

that typically draws more people to the polls than normal.


The real impact may not be felt until there’s an election that does

not feature a high-profile race, when the usually much smaller turnout may

be increased by absentee voting.