Michigan's governor says New York's governor should resign amid sexual harassment report

Aug 5, 2021
Originally published on August 4, 2021 8:46 pm

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is among a growing number of Democrats calling on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign.

The New York Attorney General's office released a report this week documenting a pattern of alleged sexual harassment by Cuomo of female members of his staff.

The investigation, conducted by two outside lawyers, found that the Cuomo administration was a hostile work environment "rife with fear and intimidation."

Cuomo faced multiple allegations last winter that he inappropriately touched and sexually harassed women who worked with him or who he met at public events.

Whitmer said the women’s allegations should be listened to.

“A resignation probably makes sense because I don’t know how you govern when so many people have lost faith and confidence,” said Whitmer.

Cuomo denies the allegations, and insists he will not resign.

President Joe Biden has also called for Cuomo's resignation.

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