Monday At 9pm On 88.1 WVPE Listen To The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour With Andy Noyes & Marty Miles

Feb 27, 2020

Andy Noyes
Credit Photo provided by The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour

Wisconsinite, Andy Noyes,  brings his diverse acoustic guitar skills to the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour this Monday at 9 PM on 88.1 WVPE. Noyes shares his beautiful song, Awani Winds.  Born from a musician’s tour made through Yosemite National Park, Andy tells a moving story about performing in a ranger cabin near Yosemite Falls and opening the windows so more people could participate.  Once open, the sound of the great falls entered the room and the spirit of the Awani people entered.  The Song, Awani Wind is a stirring testament to a native sense of place and how all the natural world conjures up the spirit of place through the  direction of our gratitude for it.

Marty Miles & Jim Catalano(on drums)
Credit Photo provided by The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour

Also on tap for the radio hour is South Bend native, Marty Miles, a prolific songwriter and area performer, known in the area for his Smarty Marty children's shows.  Marty expresses his sincere Christian convictions through his work and shares a moving song about social justice that asks the question, “How Can I Believe in Love?”  

Musical Producer, John Bahler, delivers a biographical song about his being called to songwriting and the role of grace in the matter of living.

Along the way, host George Schricker serves up the Shoot the Moon radio show with guests, Jamie Fleury and Nick Dean, while announcer, Hannah Livengood fills us in on her new grocery shopping rituals for the Keto diet.  The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour is recorded live in Historic Downtown Plymouth, Indiana and supported by Judith Robert and Tom Kapacinskas.