NCAA denies Notre Dame appeal over academic integrity

Feb 13, 2018


The University of Notre Dame football stadium as seen in fall of 2017.
Credit Jennifer Weingart

The NCAA has denied an appeal by The University of Notre Dame after the school’s football wins in 2012 and 2013 were vacated over academic integrity issues.


The 2012 season included the NCAA Championship, though Notre Dame lost in the final.

Notre Dame found an undergraduate working as an athletic training assistant wrote or substantially edited assignments for several football players.

Part of the athlete’s punishment under the University’s academic honor code changed the student’s grades, making them retroactively ineligible for competition.

In a letter, University President John I. Jenkins said in part the imposition of a severe penalty threatens academic autonomy.

“This discretionary penalty against Notre Dame could set this unusual precedent where other universities would be deterred from doing the right thing,” said Notre Dame spokesperson Paul Browne.

Browne says the University wants to work with the NCAA to change the punishments in academic integrity cases. The NCAA declined to comment on its decision.