Notre Dame adds solar panels as part of efforts to lower emissions

Jul 19, 2017


Notre Dame's new solar panels gleam in the sun.
Credit Jennifer Weingart

The University of Notre Dame unveiled a new array of solar panels Wednesday that will drop carbon emissions at the school by 148 tons a year, or the equivalent of planting 31 acres of trees.

Paul Kempf, the senior director of utilities and maintenance at Notre Dame said, “We’re looking at a photovoltaic solar system that has a capacity of about 145 kilowatts and the intention is that it’s providing a significant portion of the electrical use of this building.”

The building houses the University’s archives.

T-J Kanczuzewski is the president of Innovateus Solar, the company that installed the panels. He said solar is a good option for universities.

“We want to really help serve utilities and universities and colleges in the midwest area because those are all entities that typically generate their own electricity and so solar energy fits very nicely into the energy portfolio mix.”

Notre Dame has two solar projects already, both small scale arrays on the roofs of buildings on the main campus.

The University is also using geothermal energy, gas turbines, hydro power and heat recovery to meet its lofty emissions goals.

The solar array is still a pilot as Notre Dame explores green energy options. It will start generating power next week.



Disclosure: The University of Notre Dame is a financial supporter of WVPE.