Notre Dame To Hold Stargazing Event Friday

Jul 6, 2018


"Burst of Celestial Fireworks" NASA image of the day July 4, 2018
Credit NASA

A group of Notre Dame astronomers will be up on the roof of the Jordan Science Building Friday for a stargazing event.


There will be multiple telescopes as well as astronomers and physicists at Jordan Hall to teach participants about the stars, planets and other matter that make up our solar system.

Jonathan Crass is with the physics department at Notre Dame. He said the goal of the event is to get people to look up.

“Any time between 10 o’clock  and midnight, turn up, have a look at the stars. We’re gonna have telescopes looking at planets, stars, nebula, all kinds of things that are in our own galaxy to kind of give the public a sense of just what’s out there in the universe.”

Crass said recently there has been a resurgence in interest around astronomy, which is why they planned the event. He said if goes well they will likely host more.

The event starts at 10, if the weather is bad Crass said they will reschedule.