Notre Dame's Ash Wednesday Services Adapt To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Feb 16, 2021

(FILE) In this Feb. 26, 2020, file photo, a Catholic devotee has ash sprinkled on her head during Ash Wednesday rites to avoid physical contact and fight the spread of the  coronavirus.
Credit (AP Photo/Aaron Favila, File)

The distribution of ashes at Notre Dame’s Ash Wednesday services will look a little different for this year.

According to the university’s Campus Ministry site, ashes will be sprinkled on the head, rather than marked in the sign of the cross on the forehead.


The Vatican asked priests to distribute ashes via sprinkling due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic last month. According to Campus Ministry, the practice is common in several other countries. 


Notre Dame will hold Ash Wednesday services throughout the day on Feb. 17, and will livestream the noon Basilica Mass. View a full list of Notre Dame's Ash Wednesday services here.