The Pandemic's Impact On Asian American And Asian Owned Businesses

Oct 22, 2020

Asian American owned businesses across the country have been struggling to stay open because of limited service, and some say discrimination has made things worse.

Today we talk to the leader of a local Asian American organization, and an Asian American business owner, about what challenges they faced at the beginning of the pandemic and how they’re doing now.

We also talk to a historian from Indiana University about the history of Asian-owned businesses in America, and why some of these struggles are nothing new.

And since our show last week on energy insecurity was preempted on some stations by the Supreme Court confirmation hearings, we’re re-airing a portion of that discussion.

Produced by Micah Yason.


Ellen D. Wu
Associate Professor and Director of the Asian American Studies Program, Indiana University

Connie Lee
General Manager, Mikado Japanese Restaurant

Rupal Thanawala
President, Asian American Alliance

David Konisky
Principal Investigator and Professor, Indiana University O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Kerwin Olson
Executive Director, Citizens Action Coalition