Parent Of West Lafayette Junior-Senior High School Student Tested For Coronavirus

Mar 6, 2020

West Lafayette Junior-Senior High School on Thursday afternoon.
Credit Amber Cripps / WBAA

UPDATE: The individual in Tippecanoe County tested for COVID-19 is in the clear.


The parent of a West Lafayette Junior-Senior High School student is being tested for the coronavirus, according to an e-mail sent by West Lafayette School Superintendent Rocky Killion Thursday.

Killion says the student in question is not currently in school, not experiencing any symptoms, and won’t return to school until they receive confirmation that no other family members have been diagnosed with the virus. He also said the school was undergoing a thorough cleaning as a precautionary measure.

While more details on the case aren’t known, Killion says the parent in question was complying with guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Tippecanoe County Health Department issued a public health alert about the coronavirus, but said there were no known cases of infection in the county.