Political Junkie - Great Moments In Convention History

Aug 31, 2020

Monday, August 31, 2020 at 9 PM

This year's Democratic and Republican conventions looked different than in years' past due to social distancing considerations. Nevertheless, they were still largely coronation ceremonies for the presumptive nominees.

But many conventions of the past have been filled with moments that were contentious, memorable, and historic: The Southern walkout in protest of Hubert Humphrey's pro-civil rights speech in 1948, Geraldine Ferraro becoming the first woman on a major-party ticket in 1984. The utter mayhem in Chicago in 1968. And visible moments of dissention and disarray at both parties' conventions in 2016.

Join Political Junkie Ken Rudin on a journey through political history as we revisit memorable and historic moments from national party conventions of the past, and consider how the role of conventions in the presidential race has evolved from then to today.

Ken's guests include:
Lee Edwards, distinguished fellow at The Heritage Foundation
Barbara Eagleton, widow of Sen. Tom Eagleton, 1972 Democratic VP candidate
Judy Goldsmith, former president of National Organization for Women
Stephen Hess, senior fellow emeritus at The Brookings Institution

Plus, we revisit Ken's past interviews with:
George McGovern, 1972 Democratic presidential candidate
Walter Mondale, 1984 Democratic presidential candidate
Michael Dukakis, 1988 Democratic presidential candidate