Polls Are Open In Michigan, Benton Harbor Residents Voting For Mayor

Nov 5, 2019

Voting signs outside Benton Harbor's 4th Ward where city residents are voting in municipal elections Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019
Credit Jennifer Weingart/WVPE

In Benton Harbor voters are choosing between incumbent mayor Marcus Muhammad and Ron Singleton. Both are Democrats. 

There are also city commissioners on the ballot in Benton Harbor. 

Naomi Clark says she’s been voting every time she could since she turned 18. She says those who don’t vote, can’t complain.


"If someone get in that you don't want in, that you think shouldn't have been in, then you don't have anything to say if you didn't vote," Clark says.

Roger Lange was voting this morning. He says people should pay attention to what local politicians are doing.

"If they know that the citizens are going to be rallying support around them doing right as opposed to them doing wrong, that might keep them on a more legitimate or ethical level, Lange says. 

In Michigan Benton Harbor has a mayoral race. St. Joe has city council races.

A full list of precincts with elections in Michigan Tuesday is here, including more information for Berrien County Voters and Cass County Voters.

There are also bonds and millages in several communities.

Polls in Michigan are open until 8.