President Of Taylor University Resigns

Jun 24, 2019

Paul Lowell Haines, stepping down as President of Taylor University

Taylor University’s president is resigning after three years leading the small, Christian school in Upland.  The university made national news this year for its choice of graduation speaker.

In a statement from Taylor University, Paul Lowell Haines did not give a reason for his resignation. He only said it was the “greatest privilege and honor” of his life to serve as president of his alma mater.

Taylor spokesman Jim Garringer also did not give a reason for Haines’ departure.

“Dr. Haines felt that his time at Taylor as the president had drawn to an end, so with that in mind, he went ahead and submitted his resignation. The board supported him and were sad to learn that he had made this decision,” Garringer said.

In a statement, University Board of Trustees Chair Paige Cunningham says the board did not solicit or encourage Haines’ resignation.

Haines made national headlines this year when he invited Vice President Mike Pence to speak at Taylor’s graduation ceremony. On that day in May, some students and faculty walked out during Pence’s speech.Haines’ resignation is effective August 15th. The school says it will make an announcement about future leadership in a few weeks.