Previous Internal Investigation Into SBPD Officer Sgt. Ryan O'Neill

Jun 18, 2019

Sgt. Ryan O'Neill
Credit South Bend Police Dept.

A spokesman for the South Bend Police Department is answering questions today about a previous internal investigation into the officer who shot and killed Eric Logan over the weekend.  According to investigators, Sgt. Ryan O'Neill fired at Logan because he said Logan was coming at him with a knife.   

Since O'Neill was identified as the officer involved, documents have leaked on social media regarding a July 2008 SBPD internal affairs investigation in which O'Neill was accused of making "inappropriate racial remarks that were offensive" to some fellow officers. The department's spokesman, Ken Garcia, acknowledges that the documents are a "segment of one person's testimony on an internal affairs investigation."  He goes on to say that "the assertions presented were determined to be 'not sustained' at the conclusion of the investigation."