Purdue Announces Plans For Random COVID-19 Testing

Aug 22, 2020

One of many tents set up at Purdue University in West Lafayette for students to eat meals in to de-densify dining halls.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) — Students and staff at Purdue University will be tapped for random coronavirus testing during the fall term. Purdue already is requiring a negative test result prior to arrival on campus or a 10-day isolation if they tested positive. Classes for most of Purdue’s 40,000 students start Monday. Dr. Esteban Ramirez says the goal is to test approximately 10% of the campus each week. Students will have 48 hours to be tested after getting an email. Purdue suspended 36 students for attending a party on the same day that President Mitch Daniels made it a violation to host or attend a party that doesn’t adhere to social distancing and mask rules.