The Push For Carbon Neutrality

Sep 22, 2020

Big businesses like Microsoft, Amazon, and IKEA have pledged to go carbon neutral or negative. One way they can get there is by purchasing so-called carbon offsets. This offers financial incentive to farmers and landowners to plant trees or practice sustainable agriculture.

There are a handful of states that offer programs like this, and businesses and other entities are already spending money on them.

Today we talk about a bill in the works that would allow carbon offsets to be sold in Indiana. A similar bill was introduced on Capitol Hill by Senator Mike Braun. But how would it be assessed or regulated? And what about the politics?

Produced by Matt Pelsor.


Jeff Dukes
Director, Purdue Climate Change Research Center

Daniel Poynter
Founder, Carbon Neutral Indiana

Mark Stoops
Indiana State Senator, District 40

Rick Clark