Resiliency Grants Handed Out To Businesses In South Bend

Sep 16, 2020

Antoninus Northern, South Bend's Inclusion Project Manager, speaks at an event where 60 resiliency grants were handed out to businesses on Sept. 16, 2020.
Credit Gemma DiCarlo/WVPE

60 South Bend businesses received five thousand dollars each Wednesday through the city’s Small Business Resiliency Grant program. The money is meant to help veteran, minority and women-owned businesses weather the current economic crisis.

Dominique Granger owns Majestic on the River, an event venue in South Bend. Unlike bars and restaurants, her business wasn’t able to reopen as lockdown restrictions lifted.

“There was no parties, there was no celebrations, there was no corporate events, there was no luncheons. We weren’t able to do anything,” Granger explained.

Now, Granger has a lot of back expenses, which she says the grant will help repay. It will also help get her venue back on its feet once she can reopen.

“The resiliency grant will help us to be able to invest in some new equipment and things that we’ll need in moving forward, ” Granger added.

The grant program is a joint project between the city’s Department of Community Investment and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Mayor James Mueller says it’s important to connect the city government to underrepresented entrepreneurs. 

“We were able to build a database of roughly 600 of our local businesses and entrepreneurs, and so we have a way to keep in touch with them with future programming as well as reaching out to them to see what things might they need that the city could help them succeed,” Mueller said.

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