'The Sauce' Episode 2: Marques Carroll, Eli Kahn, Joanie Pallatto

Apr 8, 2021

From L-R: Eli Kahn, Joanie Pallatto, Marques L. Carroll
Credit Kahn photo by Krista Hoefle, Palllatto photo by Santiago Covarrubias, Carroll photo from album cover

'The Sauce' with host Dawn Burns is back for the program's April installment. 

Enjoy this one-hour monthly radio broadcast focusing on the arts, music and culture in the Michiana area. Celebrate the vibrant and flavorful fusion of local and regional talent. The Sauce is produced by Karl Smith (J:Cubed Jazz to the 3rd power)


On Monday April 12th hear trumpeter, composer and mentor Marques L. Carroll; guitarist, beat-maker and improviser Eli Kahn and jazz singer and voiceover artist Joanie Pallatto.


Find the spice of arts and entertainment on The Sauce.