SBPD Swears In New Officers In The Wake of Eric Logan's Killing

Jun 19, 2019

Officers at swearing in ceremony at the South Bend Police Department June 19, 2019.
Credit Justin Hicks/WVPE

Pete Buttigieg commented today on the Sunday morning police shooting of a black man by a white South Bend officer.

This was his first public appearance since a press conference Sunday night.

The mayor and presidential candidate has been having behind-the-scenes discussions with community leaders. 

Buttigieg took the opportunity to address new South Bend police officers at a swearing-in. He urged them to act with restraint and equity.

 “We cannot pretend that this is unrelated to race and racism,” he says. “This fact burdens everyone, all of us, no matter who we are.”

Buttigieg says he is extremely frustrated there is no body or dashboard camera footage of the incident.

“Even a body camera doesn’t solve everything, but it is supposed to provide crucial evidence,” he says. “It defeats the purpose of that system if it is not activated."

South Bend Common Council members, family of Logan's and community members are frustrated that Buttigieg was not present at a vigil for Eric Logan or other similar gatherings.