Shipment Of Moderna Vaccine To Michigan Spoiled

Jan 19, 2021


A delivery of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine to Michigan has gone bad. The state says 21 shipments got too cold and will need to be replaced. Six other shipments were delayed for inspection. McKesson, which distributes Moderna’s vaccine, is investigating the issue while it repackages new vaccines for the state. Governor Gretchen Whitmer says the situation is disappointing.

“But that’s not something that I can control, it’s not the State of Michigan’s fault. It’s just what happens with the vaccine, so we have to be nimble. And I’m certain that people who had appointments who were scheduled at facilities that were supposed to get those particular shots were frustrated because they weren’t able to get them,” Whitmer said. 

The state says McKesson replaced the shipments Tuesday. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services did not specify how many doses of the vaccine were spoiled.