South Bend Board Of Public Safety Sets Hearing Date For Gorny

Sep 20, 2018


The South Bend Board of Public Safety set a date Wednesday for the disciplinary hearing for officer Justin Gorny. Gorny was involved in the July car crash that killed 22-year-old, mother of two, Erica Flores.

South Bend residents rally outside of the South Bend Police Department, demanding accountability and transparency in the death of 22-year-old Erica Flores on Monday.
Credit Barbara Anguiano / WVPE

 The Board will meet November 5th and 6th for Gorny’s hearing and afterword vote to either suspend, fire or take no action against the officer. During the meeting the Board will have the opportunity to review evidence in the case, as well as  give Gorny the opportunity to defend himself. During the public comment portion of the monthly meeting Wednesday, residents urged the Board to seek an earlier date, so that the community could begin healing whatever the outcome of the hearing.  

At the monthly meeting, the board also accepted a letter filed by Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski last week, requesting Gorny be fired. In a written statement, Ruszkowski said he requested the termination of Gorny -quote- based on his review of facts and evidence, related to sustained violations of the South Bend Police Department duty manual.

Community advocate and friend of the Flores family Luis Zapata was present at the meeting and says while he understands and respects the process that is being followed by officials, he can’t help but feel frustrated by it.

“It seems like with the severity of this case, they could make a big effort to get things done quicker, in a quicker manner,” Zapata said.

St. Joseph County Prosecutor Ken Cotter presented the case before a grand jury last month. They declined to indict Gorny.