South Bend Civic Theatre launches campaign to bring Lin-Manuel Miranda to South Bend

Mar 19, 2018


Credit South Bend Civic Theatre

The South Bend Civic Theatre has launched a social media campaign to persuade Lin-Manuel Miranda to come see its production of In The Heights.

In The Heights is a Tony Award-winning musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is also the man behind smash hit Hamilton.

The musical is set in a predominantly Latinx community in New York City. The South Bend Civic Theatre formed a steering committee to commit to putting on the play in what they call an “authentic way.”

Aaron Nichols is the Executive Director of the Civic.

“The cast is just so proud of this and it would just mean the world to them if Lin would acknowledge that we’ve done him proud here in the community of South Bend.”

Nichols said they didn’t launch the social media campaign right away because they wanted to make sure the show was worthy of bringing Miranda to see it. There are two hashtags, #linthebend and #lintheheights and a video featuring the cast and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

All the performances of In The Heights in South Bend have sold out. Nichols said they would add a performance just for Miranda if need be.

Two of the performances this week are special. One called Regalo de Teatre where tickets were handed out within the Latinx community and one with tickets given to college students in South Bend.